manipud ken ni manong ariel s. agcaoili, adtoy ti manakem nga awis a manakman:

2006 International Nakem Conference


The overarching aim of Nakem Conference is to bring into focus the various critical practices of the Ilokanos in the Philippines and abroad and to reflect on these practices under the prism of the nexus of global cultures, the urgent need to affirm minority cultural rights in the face of the hegemonic positioning of dominant cultures, and the need to articulate the silences in the narratives of struggle and survival of the Ilokanos.

In light of the 2006 celebration of the centennial of the Filipino sakada experience in the State of Hawai`i, Nakem Conference aims to contribute to the reclaiming of the memory that attends to the sakada experience and to propose a cure to the systematic amnesia that besets exile and diaspora, the latter the lot of the many Ilokanos and Filipinos in many countries.

Nakem Conference gathers scholars, creative writers, linguists, educators, and cultural administrators, rights advocates, and educational leaders from East and Southeast Asia, Australia, the Mainland U.S., and Hawai`i.

Nakem Conference will include various panels dealing with the teaching and importance of heritage languages in the United States, with particular emphasis on Ilokano. Needs, issues, policies, and trends will be explored.

Venues, Registration, and Deadlines

The conference will take place at the University of Hawai`i Manoa (UHM), but the concert, “An Evening of Philippine Music and Classics” will be held at the FilCom Center. Deadline for submission of abstracts is June 15 and full paper, July 15, 2006. Individual proposals are accepted, however, proposals by panels are encouraged.

Accommodation will be at the East-West Center, UHM campus, at pre-arranged packages of $196 and $147 for a studio, and $140 and $105 for double dorm occupancy for 4 nights and 3 nights, respectively. Preregistration: $50. Late registration: $100. Accommodation package payment MUST be sent with registration to insure housing at the EWC. Registration deadline is August 1, 2006. Please write Money Order or Postal Check only payable to Timpuyog and send it to Nakem Conference Secretariat in the address below.

No travel assistance is available. Participants coming from other countries will have their names submitted to the U.S. Embassy in their respective countries for visa assistance.

For further inquiries, write or email: Nakem Centennial Conference Secretariat, Ilokano and Philippine Drama and Film Program, 2540 Maile Way, Spalding Hall 255, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96822. E-mail addresses: or (Attn: Aurelio Agcaoili/ Precy Espiritu) Phone: 808-956-8405. FAX: 808- 956-5978.

ala, padasentay' man ketdi ti dumar-ay. bareng, a, no adda agpadawat iti pagplete iti eroplano, agpadawat iti doliar a gastuen, mangampon kadatayo bayat ti kaadda iti estado ti hawai`i. kangrunaanna, bareng a no makalusottayo kadagiti naulpit a konsul iti us embassy ta ikkandatay iti visa nga umadak iti daga ni angkel sam.

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idi 12:10 a. m., marzo 28, 2006, Blogger ariel nakunana...

Patgek a Roy,
Wen, agnakemtay kadin, ala. Dios ti agngina iti panangiblogmo iti kumperensia.
Isumitemi dagiti nagan dagiti tumabuno iti US Embassy for possible visa assistance.

idi 11:38 a. m., marzo 31, 2006, Anonymous jaime agpalo, jr nakunana...

ne, nakaadayokayon a, kakadua!

ala ket ikabilko met iti Tawid News a, daytoy Ka Ilyong, namaymayat... ken ibagakto a, iti komperensia ti teachers sadiay UP Baguio (daydiay adda iti ta pukpukkawanda met datao nga agpanel ngem arimmamadiak ta diak ammo dayta pampanel...agiblagkka latta roy, hmn..

ala a, ituloy latta..


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