manmano a pinarsua

daytoy man!

nabayag a nabasak a damag/padamag daytoyen, itak la a maiblag.

no koma kastoy amin ti mentalidad wenno personalidad dagiti graduado nga agtutubo, nangruna dagiti nangala wenno mangal-ala pay laeng iti kurso a nursing ken/wenno kinadoktor iti medicina ken dadduma pay nga umarngi a medical a kurkurso.

nagsayaat ket koman.

ngem ditay' met ngamin mapabasol ti kaaduan a ti panagtrabaho wenno panagservi laeng iti ganggannaet ti ultimo a namnamadan a makaruk-at wenno makalung-aw iti rigat ti biag/panagbiag iti filipinas. wenno 'tay umadu, makapaadu iti kuartana wenno sanikua.

ngem basaentay' man ti napintas nga estoria ti biag ni yvette, maysa a makuna a maysa-iti-riniwriw, manmano a pinarsua:
Nursing board topnotcher says she's staying home
By Dennis Jay Santos
First posted 09:06pm (Mla time) Dec 24, 2005

DAVAO CITY— While many health workers wanted to leave the country as soon as they can, the topnotcher of this year's nursing board examinations said she would be staying.

Yvette Pauline Paragua, 21, said she wanted to work in the country first, especially Davao, because "helping the community first is far more important than the economic rewards."

A graduate of the Ateneo de Davao University, Yvette said her family is not well-off.

"My father works at a farm owned by my grandmother. My mother is a tutor. We are not rich but we are alright. My parents provide for our basic needs, but luxuries are very rare," said this eldest daughter of Leopoldo and Arlene Paragua. She has two sisters.

Yvette finished college under the scholarship program of USA-Davaoeños Inc., a group of Filipino nurses and executives in the United States, who want to help poor but promising nursing students in the city.

Her college dean Dr. Patria Manalaysay said Yvette is one of the two deserving students given a scholarship by the USA-Davaoeños. She described Yvette as a "silent worker."

"Until now I myself can't believe that I topped the exams," Yvette said, who got a score of 85.2 percent.

She tied with Bernard Ian Sotelo of the Cotabato Medical Foundation College in Midsayap, North Cotabato.

Melba Irene Gabuya, one of the pioneers in the formation and drafting of the curriculum for the nursing college in Ateneo de Davao said there are few nurses like Yvette, who prefer to serve in the country.

Gabuya said many students, including second coursers such as doctors, take up nursing because of the opportunity to work abroad.