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nagkas-ang metten daytoy a kinapudno:

Medical staff exodus closes 1,000 hospitals
First posted 12:38pm (Mla time) Nov 22, 2005
By Christian Esguerra
Inquirer News Service, Agence France-Presse

THE UNABATED migration of doctors and nurses for higher-paying jobs abroad has forced the closure of as many as 1,000 private hospitals in the last five years, according to a top official of a group of private hospitals nationwide.

There are now only around 700 private hospitals in the country, Dr. Antonio Chang, president of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAP), said during his group's annual convention at the Manila Hotel on Tuesday.

"We fear for the health of the people, especially those living in the countryside," Chang said, adding that in the past month alone, 12 private hospitals folded up.

The situation is so dire that in the 50-bed Saint Anthony's Hospital in the impoverished central island of Masbate, only one doctor is working full time.

In other hospitals, college graduates without any medical background are trained to work as "caregivers," or medical aides, to fill the void left by the migrating doctors and nurses.

Resident doctors in private hospitals receive a measly take-home pay of up to 18,000 pesos a month while nurses are paid 12,000 pesos. In contrast, they could earn tens of thousands of dollars if they worked in the United States or Europe.

Many Filipino doctors also return to school to get a degree in nursing, because nurses are in greater demand abroad, experts say.
agpapanawda aminen dagiti doktor ken narses ket anianton ti mapsamak kadagiti masaksakit a kailianda?

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idi 1:47 p. m., noviembre 26, 2005, Anonymous Arielle nakunana...

It's a sad, sad fact that people do expect to get compensated enough for their work; and they must. We just have to come up with a way to give our professionals a kind of living that is commensurate with their expertise.

idi 3:56 a. m., diciembre 21, 2005, Anonymous Princess-Lea nakunana...

kaasi met piman tti kabagian tau anya mannurat. dayta gobyerno kuma itti mangikabbil ti top priority nga dakkellan da ti sweldo itti doctors ken narses ngem dedma laeng ti gobyerno gamen addu manen maala da in terms of remittance money. hmpf!!!


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