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dumakdakkel a dumakdakkel ti wikipedia, ti kadakkelan pay laeng nga encyclopedia iti pakasaritaan ti lubong:

Wikipedia eclipses CIA
By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco (gavin.clarke at
Published Wednesday 7th September 2005 08:33 GMT

Wikipedia is fast becoming the number-one online resource for web surfers hungry for context about breaking news, in what must be a sad comment on the ability for traditional news media to keep its audiences well-informed.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia assembled in realtime, has reportedly experienced a 154 per cent hike in traffic during the last year, according to internet traffic watchers at Hitwise.

The Wiki-fiddlers' big-book o' facts appears to be benefiting from a happy coincidence of a lot of big-headline news combined with the apparent inability of so-called traditional news channels - both online and off-line - to satiate surfers' need for reference material. A high ranking in Google, boosted by the replication of the Wikipedia material, hasn't harmed the project either.

Wikipedia attracted 22.3 per cent of users searching for information about the Gaza Strip as Israeli troops closed down settlements and withdrew from the region. Wikipedia's market share numbers meant it drew five times more traffic than Google News, Yahoo News or the BBC and tied with CIA World Factbook for information on the strip.

Wikipedia tied as the second most visited site among US web users eager for details about Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II's successor. The top destination was, the old-school Catholic encyclopedia that has resisted the temptation to go Wikipedia-style.

The service has also eclipsed is the internet's number-one reference site.

Hitwise failed to make more information on Wikipedia traffic, specifically the number of page views, publically available.
enough said. daytoyen ken daytoyton wikipedia a talaga ti kadadakkelan nga encyclopedia. ket libre pay. ken pagtitinnulongan a bukbuklen ti adu a volunteers manipud iti nadumaduma nga ammo ken paglaingan.

awisenkay' ketdi met a makitinnulong iti daytoy nga encyclopedia. masapul ti ad-adu pay nga articulo maipapan ken ni ilokano ken iti ilocos, ken maipapan ken ni pinoy ken ti filipinas.

adda met sumangkabassit a contributionkon. nga isingitsingit datao a butbutingtingen. adu pay ti panggepko nga inayon, nangruna iti literatura iloko ken kadagiti mannurat nga ilokano. adtoy man dagiti rinugiak:

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idi 6:50 p. m., septiembre 18, 2005, Anonymous madj nakunana...

Naimbag nga aldaw!

Im madj,UP Diliman student, graduating, major in phil. literature.

im very willing to help, in whatever way you'll ask me to, the best way i can...but i still dont know how. :)

maybe i can be your research buddy.. o r whatever...

can i?

have a productive day ahead.

your site helps me a lot. keep it up

idi 6:55 p. m., septiembre 18, 2005, Anonymous madj nakunana...


about your UP write workshop article - in baguio it is just 2 weeks long... siguro noon, but i think just that long nalang po ngayon. (im a fellow po pala sa 43rd UP writers workshop sa baguio in short story filipino)

la lang.

idi 9:55 p. m., septiembre 18, 2005, Blogger rva nakunana...

agyamanak unay, madj! i wish we can improve the wikipedia articles on philippine lit. marami pang kulang, marami pang dapat gawin. maganda kung mag-register ka as wikipedia editor/contributor. although you can edit naman even as anonymous pero mas maganda kung may wikipedia account ka so you can have your own user page, user talk page and you can have your own watchlist of articles that you edit.

masapul pay ti ad-adu a data maipapan iti phil lit in english. at ang separate na article about phil lit in tagalog (filipino).

and more bio of filipino authors.

and yes, 2 weeks nga lang pala yung up writers workshop sa baguio. i was with the 26th workshop back in 1996.

idi 2:30 p. m., septiembre 19, 2005, Anonymous Anónimo nakunana...


thanks for the wonderful suggestion. ive started my own blog, thu no articles posted yet.

hope i can work w/ you.

im busy doing my thesis now, but im hoping i can find more time next time.

il try to contribute articles and help in our research. maybe il start with palanca (im a carlos palanca scholar po pala) or anything about literature (dir. vim nadera of intstitute of creative writing is my thesis adviser)just give me your research list....

thanks thanks thanks alot.....

idi 6:03 a. m., septiembre 25, 2005, Anonymous Anónimo nakunana...

Naimbag nga aldawmo, Mr. Aragon,

Napintas daytoy nga inyusuatmo. Ala ket agyamanak unay kenka ti kinalaingmo ken kinabarayuboymo nga agipadigo. I'm learning a lot from your site and from your input. Keep up the good work.



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